Screw you B-S-U

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Petersen is a great coach! But ...

Boise State continues to dominate their schedule winning their 5th consecutive game by double digits.   You probably didn’t know that because you were probably busy watching The Mentalist on CBS or maybe you were out with friends on the two Friday nights they have played this season or maybe it’s because their opponents are 13-15 on the season (Georgia is the shining gem on their schedule who they played week 1 and had 8 months to prepare for) so ESPN realizes re-runs of the World Series of Poker get better ratings.

I realize that everyone defends them by saying “no one will play them” and that teams are scared of them, but why shouldn’t they be scared.  While Oklahoma and Texas are preparing to face off and both are looking at the rest of their difficult conference schedule – Boise State is playing games against Tulsa, Toledo and Nevada.  So although BSU is still playing games; they aren’t really worried about preparing for these teams — because Boise knows that they can win just playing their regular old game.  So they can prepare fully for the biggest games on their schedule.

You’ll never catch me saying that Boise State “can’t” beat a top team because unlike hundreds of other teams who play in FBS, they have a lot of talent.  But why wouldn’t they attract talent…if you get players to ignore the fact they have to play their home games in Boise, attend school over there and play on a blue field – who wouldn’t want the opportunity to put up ridiculous college numbers and play in a BCS game every year.  So acquiring talent isn’t all that difficult.  Hell, they rarely lose games anyway so you are always a winner.

But this all adds up to one thing – they should never be allowed to play in a BCS title game.  Their schedule and opponents just don’t dictate it.  It’d be like letting an NFL team play their entire season in the CFL and then put them into a one game playoff which decides whether they should play for the Super Bowl.  Sure, the NFL team might lose a game every once in a while but ultimately they basically play 1 game per year to determine if they should be playing for the Super Bowl.  It wouldn’t make sense and I am pretty sure Roger Goodell and the owners would never allow it.  But the college system allows it because it bases the entire decision on some individuals who don’t watch all the games – they just look at records and want Cinderella stories because they are good for radio or TV.

So Screw You BSU – go find real games – or play in the Poinsettia bowl year after year.  The BCS championship game should be reserved for major conference teams – not teams with schedules that rank in the triple digits.

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  1. hi hope yous had a nice xmas and heres to the new year

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