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October 13, 2011

“Little Brother” growing up? A look into Wolverine vs. Sparty football.

Written Ramblings by JS and DJ 

Tom Izzo hanging with the one and only ..

Tony Kornhieser from PTI once said that the University of Michigan only cares about accomplishing three tasks in a football season: beat Ohio State, win the Big Ten and sell out the Big House every single game. If you ask any Michigan fan … heck, any college football fan about their rival, the answer is unanimous.  Brady Hoke refers to them as “that school from Ohio.”  There is a close fourth item on the list that TK did not mention … Michigan can’t stand losing Michigan State.  Michigan leads the overall series 67-31-5.  That’s about 70% of the games.  Obviously not that close … but why do they care about the game with Sparty every year?  Or do they even care? This “rivalry” has always intrigued me because mathematically it doesn’t suggest to be one.  I bugged my buddy JS who pees maize (if I said yellow that would be rude) about his take on this subject.  I have my own view as an outsider.  Here we go …

1. Let’s start with the Michigan State side.  Does this matchup mean more for them than Michigan b/c historically they appear to be an inferior program.

JS: In general, I would have to say yes. Michigan State has always looked to be considered equals on the football playing field with Michigan for quite time. However they just can’t quite get it done. To me, I think the most telling story of this issue is when Nick Saban left Michigan State to go and try and resurrect then-mediocre LSU. Why leave Michigan State to go to LSU? While bringing LSU back to national prominence is a good story, a bigger and more grandiose story would have been if he had built Michigan State into a football juggernaut on par with Michigan. THAT would have been the turning point in the rivalry. When Bo Schembechler came to Michigan, he elevated the Michigan – Ohio State rivalry to new levels. Who has done that for Michigan State? No one*. That person should have been Nick Saban and instead he left because (no one from East Lansing wants to admit this) he believed LSU was the better job.

* Sorry to burst your bubble, State fans, but Mark Dantonio does not count. Has he beaten us the last three years? Yes. But ask yourself this – who hasn’t beaten us in the last three years? We also don’t count the 2000 win because of the blatant clock mismanagement that gave Smoker one miracle lob shot to TJ Ducket in the end zone. The time keeper would do the same thing to help MSU basketball steal a win and he subsequently got fired.

DJ:  How does a college football program get recognized by the media (not me) historically? Titles, coaches and great college players (e.g. Heisman winners).  Feilding Yost, Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr (yes, he did win an NC so he was good) vs. John L. Smith and Bobby Williams? Duffy Daughtrey actually won a couple of championships in East Lansing but the program was not able to build upon that foundation.  Schembechler’s foundation was continued by Carr. The fan base is just as loyal on the east side of Michigan.  They just haven’t had that one icon or an event attached to the program which makes it inferior and this shows in terms of recruiting and media coverage.  Nick Saban could have been that guy …

Sparty football is analogous to Texas A&M.  The Aggies – Longhorns rivalry is more than 100 years old.  However, Texas dominates both on the field and in terms of the media coverage. They have the iconic moments and titles … A&M did have one of those icons but couldn’t retain him.  Can you imagine if Bear Bryant stuck around College Station instead of heading over to Tuscaloosa?? Wouldn’t we be looking at that program the same way as Texas?  Abso-freaking-lutely.  Sure, one can say that about just any other school that Bryant would have vacated but it stings more for the Aggie fans b/c they are just as passionate about football as their peers who like to hook ‘em.

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October 6, 2011

It’s ok Missouri, somebody will pick you up.

Written Ramblings by DJ, JS and BB

Russell Wilson = For real ..

How were those $200 tickets Husker fans?  Apparently one Husker fan bought Wisconsin season tickets just so he can go to the game last weekend.  He can probably make a profit by selling the rest of them compared to the other fans.  The Big Ten games with College Gameday around haven’t been that good lately.  Last year’s Gameday showcase between Illinois and Northwestern wasn’t close either.  Both teams had to go only one direction on the field.  The fan turnout was weak b/c Gameday didn’t realize that there is really not much of a strong Illini presence in Chicago.  Then there was the main biggest issue of the day – Erin Andrews wasn’t out on Clark/Addison b/c she was covering the field inside the ballpark.  Nonetheless, these games don’t bode well for the Big Ten on the national stage.

One week down in the Big Ten, eight more to go.  Let’s break the games down with our roundtable of writers.  To paraphrase Bret Bielema, “On, Big Ten…”

Iowa @ Penn State (3:30 EST, ABC/ESPN)

DJ:  Why are Penn State linebackers talking smack about Iowa by calling them a “wrestling school” and not a “football school??” Maybe they should figure out if they have a quarterback and an offensive line first before mouthing off.  Iowa has owned Penn State in the recent years and that won’t change this weekend.  Iowa wins 21-17 and enters the Top 25.

BB:  PSU hasn’t looked good yet this year and Iowa seems to have their number the last few seasons.  Poor JoePa.

JS:  Every time I see this game I am reminded about the 6-4 game that they played. That’s not a typo – the final score was 6 to 4 – Iowa won. The only reason why Penn State scored four points was because Iowa purposely sent the ball sailing through the end zone on a punt so that it would give PSU a longer field to try and score on. THAT”S how inept PSU’s offense was that year. This year? Can’t say it will be too different. As the saying goes, if you have two quarterback, then you have none. Personally, I think they should just start Matt McGloin, a ginger haired walk on. That’s pretty much all you need to know about him. He is the classic overachiever. The other quarterback is Rob Bolden – talented dual threat quarterback but someone who doesn’t seem to have the confidence of the team to perform well. How do I know that? They keep pulling him for McGloin. PSU has one of the best defensive linemen in the league in Devon Still, but he needs help. They lost Mike Mauti, a middle line backer, to a torn ACL and their secondary isn’t great.  Iowa, on the other hand, seems like their defense is poorer than it has been in years. Case in point – a 44-41 triple overtime loss to Iowa State for the greatest trophy ever made – The CyHawk Trophy. Iowa does, however, have a great passing game. Their quarterback, Vandenberg, has some Stanzi in him and has a good enough arm to make all the throws, which is more than enough to beat Penn State.  On a side note – how come Michigan can’t play Penn State when they are atrocious?

Iowa – 28; Penn State -20

Illinois @ Indiana (2:30 EST, BTN)

DJ:  Since when does the Big Ten schedule games at 2:30 EST??  ACC tries to “buy” a few minutes of extra ratings by starting games around 12:30 or 4:30 EST … that’s why the Clemson – Va Tech game started at a random time last week.  Please stick to the regular times of 12, 3:30 and 8 EST,  thanks.  Oh, and about the game?  I was surprised that The Zooker didn’t pull Scheelhase midway through the 3rd quarter last weekend which would have led to a Wildcat blowout.  Jason Ford should have been walking around the campus with the ball this past week after almost blowing the game with his fumble.  Illinois is good but I am not sure if they are top 20 material.  First road game of the year for them.   Indiana played Penn State pretty tough.  Expect Indiana to cover but an Illinois win.  Illinois wins 28-24.

BB:  Despite a close game against a seemingly terrible PSU team, Indiana just doesn’t have the talent.  Illini go to 6-0.

JS:  This should be a cake walk for the Illini but remember – they are coached by Ron Zook. Still, their defense seems pretty legit and Indiana is still Indiana, although they are improving bit by bit with new head coach Kevin Wilson. Also, Illinois is coming back down to earth after a thrilling game where they beat Northwestern in the final 30 seconds – eerily similar to how Michigan beat Notre Dame – three lead changing touchdowns in the last two minutes. Very exciting stuff. Scheelhaase is one of the better quarterbacks in the B1G and he’s got a decent running back behind him and a good wide receiver. Indiana needs to play well not just because that’s what they are expected to do, but they need to keep Gunner Kiel, the nation’s number one pro style quarterback recruit this year, committed to them. It helps that his brother is getting increasing amounts of playing time, but the lack of noticeable improvement has got to be concerning to him and all Hoosier fans.  

Illinois – 35; Indiana 17

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