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November 2, 2011

A Letter to Coach Bielema.

Written Ramblings by DJ

Despite tough losses, Wisconsin still has a path towards Pasadena.

Dear Coach Bielema,

It all happened so fast. Just about a month ago, you were riding high in Madison after thumping the Huskers. There was no stopping the Bucky train after that historic night. Everybody knew Camp Randall is one of the toughest joints to play during the night but nobody expected your squad to hammer another team ranked in the top ten in that fashion. You made it clear during your next game against Indiana that you weren’t afraid to run up the score to help your case in the polls. Actually, you’ve made that clear in the past against other teams too … Tim Brewster, the former head coach of Minnesota is still pissed at you for that two point conversion you pulled off despite the 25 point lead. You did everything you were supposed to during the first five weeks to prove that the Badgers were a contender. The media bought in as they hyped up the Badgers and essentially crowned them as the favorite to win the Big Ten.

But you have been in Wisconsin for a while now to understand the fickle nature of the media. You knew the media hypes up teams a little too much and they do it quickly. They get too excited about hottest team now. Heck, you and your buddy Bo Ryan ALWAYS get the short end of the stick in terms of the media hype. There is really nobody specific to blame for what happened over the last ten days. The hype was too much but you had every reason to believe that you were going to run the table. Everything after the first five weeks of play suggested that there was no challenge after the Nebraska game. But at the same time, somewhere deep inside you knew that anything can happen in this conference. You know the unpredictable nature of the Big Ten better than anybody else …

1. You probably didn’t even realize that Russell Wilson was this good. He was the biggest free agent acquisition of the off-season in all of college football and I am sure you played a significant part in the recruiting pitch. But when we saw him carve up the Nebraska secondary with ease; everybody agreed that he was the real deal. After all this is the same Husker secondary that puzzled Kirk Cousins’ offense last Saturday with their zone defense. Because of Wilson’s uncanny ability to throw 40 yard passes on the run, it possibly covered up the holes in the defense … just a little bit. But there was reason to believe that this Wisconsin team was different than the past years because of the quarterback play.

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